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2000 itemsPrice per item: FREE - 0.03Ξ

Triangulum (Latin for triangle) is a versatile generative algorithm which, in theory, can generate an infinite number of unique pieces of art. The algorithm is an exploration of the many ways in which one encounters the concept of triangles in daily life.

Like free NFTs?

With each percentage sold of the Triangulum mint, we'll raffle these NFTs to all minters below that percentage! These specific NFTs were chosen to support the projects behind them. Genuine projects that have been building no matter what.

Items Sold Project Items Status
100 Top Dog Beach Club 2 TopCats
200 Top Dog Beach Club 1 TopDog1 TopCat
400 Top Dog Beach Club 1 TopDog1 TopCat
600 Top Dog Beach Club 2 TopDogs
800 Animetas 1 Animeta1 HoverCraft
1000 Wicked Craniums 2 Wicked Craniums2 Wicked Stallions
1200 Woodies 1 Woodie
1400 CryptoMories 1 CryptoMorie
1600 The Sevens 1 Sevens1 EVE1 Companion
1800 The Alien Boy 1 Alien Boy1 Alien Girl1 UFO
2000 Surprise Worth 1Ξ