At Farmoore Art we create algorithmically generated art. In our own humble opinions; Farmoore Art is awesome yet affordable. The NFT’s we create are minted on the Ethereum blockchain. In our projects we explore and experiment with algorithms in the broadest sense. These include artificial intelligence, generated avatars and mathematical shapes and figures. We consider ourselves decent programmers with vivid imaginations. Paint and brush? Not our thing (yet). Python, PHP and Java? LFG!


The insane mutant on the left is @PeortSitid. On the right you can see friendly invader @Capibarmadillo. Together they're Farmoore Art. The name is actually a pun, as we literally translated Vermeer (a famous Dutch painter) to English and added an extra 'o' to make it look more dandy. We recently discovered that we both liked art, NFTs and boobs. We seperately launched projects on the latter topic, decided to team up to raise money for Pink Ribbon (over €500 donated) and now joined hands to start Farmoore Art.


A shared interest in technology, programming and a passion for art is what started this project. There is just no better feeling for us than using our programming skills to create something beautiful. Not surprisingly, that is also what we do in our daytime jobs. We have years of experience in website design, mathematics, artificial intelligence and have used multiple programming languages along the way. A pretty solid base for algorithmic art. Hopefully, in a not too distant future, we can focus 100% of our time on Farmoore Art.


We strive to make our art as affordable as possible by using friendly prices. Previous project prices ranged from 0.01Ξ to 0.03Ξ and we consider these prices fair and reasonable looking at the grand scheme of NFT-art. We do realize that affordable is a very subjective term and therefore want to be crystal clear: please don't spend money you can't afford to lose and only buy if you really like our art.

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